Day 5 of the downstairs floor project

It is honestly only day 5 of this project! I cannot tell you how pleased I am that things are going so quickly. Mr Experience is the bomb and is a very hard worker! He is anticipating my next need and keeps the tiles and mud coming. This is such a departure from my normal virginal work help that I am just amazed at our progress. We have a total of about 46 hours each into the project. The best part is I am realizing how much I get interrupted in a normal day, get dogs out of crates, potty dogs, feed dogs, potty dogs, do am farm chores, feed barn cats, feed horses, feed sheep. The entire time I am doing chores, Mr Experience is moving the tile saw, filling it with water, making mud, laying out tile and in general making our project get done with little to no direction.

We did have some difficulty this morning with the area directly in front of the main entrance.
There is a low spot here of at least 1/4 inch. This needed to be built up but it caused problems. We laid down four tiles at first and had to pop up three of them and add more mud. It was very convoluted to get the tiles in place without stepping on any of them. It took us almost 2 hours just to do this small area. You can see the bottom of one of the closet spaces that will get tile in the bottom left corner of the picture below. This whole area took one bucket of mud.

Mr Experience heard me talking about the blog and offered to take some action shots. So you will be seeing my mug more than usual this project. Who knew I was bald?! As we exited the hallway into the main room I started to get very hungry. Unfortunately quitting time is dictated by the mud. If there is still mud in the bucket then its not quitting time! My knees were starting to bother me. Yes I have some fancy gel knee pads but after several hours they just don’t feel that nice. It took forever to get the last of that bucket used up. We had an excellent lunch of combined leftovers. What makes cheesy potatoes and ham mixed with chili and hot dogs better? More chili and cheese! It was amazing and hit the spot just right.

At 1500 the third bucket of mud arrived. It was huge, the entire bucket was full. It was going to take forever to get it all used up. I switched knee pads in the desperate hope that my new ones were somehow better than my old ones. Nope, this did not pan out the way I had hoped, my knees were killing me. We started to really sling mud and lay tile. One of the problems with this much tile at once is it starts to push on itself and get out of alignment. I never knew this as I have never laid this much tile in a single session before. We ended up putting a few strategic screws in the joints to keep the tiles from moving. This works very well. We had the last tile laid by 1730. It was finally quitting time. My knees were ready to call it quits hours before. They are already thinking of boycotting tomorrow but it looks like we can be done laying all the tile in just two more days! Incredible timing, I took off 25 days to do this and we could be done by day 10 with everything. As soon as we get grout in and it cures we will set the house back up and then most likely tackle the kitchen. I think we can do the entire kitchen start to finish in under 7 days.

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