Day 6 and it is amazing

We are KILLING IT!! Annmarie left on Saturday and is due back this upcoming Saturday. I expect to have the downstairs done and the furniture back in place! We will start on the kitchen directly after that. We will lose two days of work next week due to commitments but the kitchen will probably only take us 6 days! I

I cannot believe how fast we are going. It is amazing when things just happen and we don’t have to keep asking for things. Mr Experience feeds me the mud, and lays out tile and we anticipate each other. It has made the job go incredibly fast. I am starting to plan out the upstairs bathroom and downstairs bathroom projects. I was pretty hesitant to start them but with this level of help each one will only take one week.

Before starting this morning we planned out our day. I called and ordered four more boxes of tile for the kitchen. We did the math and figured that was all we needed. I also ordered a Grout Bag. I had no idea what it was but Mr Experience said it was a cake decorating bag for stonemasons. Makes sense to me, he said we could lay all the grout in a day with it and not have to wipe up tiles 15 times to get them clean. I had to use a razor blade last time to scrape them clean. I ordered them from Amazon it was $5, he said I would only need one for the rest of my life. I ordered two they were cheap and he doesn’t know how easy I lose tools.

By 1030 this morning we were already on our third bucket of mud and making great inroads. I had to give up on my new expensive knee pads as they were not working well and they were cutting off the blood supply to my lower leg with all the pressure behind my knee. My old ones work much better.

Getting the last 2 feet installed against the outer wall was painful. I had to lean out over the tile and not touch it. My butt is killing me, my knees feel better today. I think they are just used to the dull ache now. But my abdominal muscles and butt are killing me. I just keep telling myself its only about 10 more days of suffering and the side benefits are amazing.

The picture below is the amount of tile we laid today. The blue painters tape was to let us know where we ended yesterday so we knew where we could safely step.

This is all that’s left to finish tomorrow. Mr Experience says we will be done by noon. This works for me as we can eat lunch and then drive to Hermiston to get our grout and grinder discs. We may need some more subfloor for the kitchen also, we will check first. I think there are 12 sheets left.

The safe is going to cause us problems. It weighs 600 pounds and has steel wheels on it. We cannot just roll it across the tile floor to its home next to the couch. I am going to have to make some hardwood coasters to go under the wheels and we will have to run it over sheets of plywood to get it in place. Its going to be painful. Now if only someone would crack the safe without damaging it! We still need the combination. I have a $100 reward to the first person that can figure out the combination. Its a four number combination and the dial goes to 100 that much we have been able to figure out from internet research based on the brand and markings.

There was a small panic midday were we thought we had not ordered enough tile. This required a job stoppage, triple recount and remeasurement of the existing job and kitchen with double checks on the math before we agreed that we would have 1/2 box extra or 4 tiles. This is not a lot of room for error.

It has been raining here and we have not had any new lambs in 5 days. I am thinking about opening up the barn so that the sheep can get out into the main barn lot. This will be good for everyone so they can run around and terrorize the horses and cats. I will give it a couple more days before changing the direction of the Y gate.

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