Day 8, grouting in progress

Good Morning! It’s really day 9 now but since this is about yesterday and the sun is not out yet I think it will be okay. I finished up early, 1630, yesterday then went out to dinner and at dinner was reminded that there was a volunteer fire department meeting I needed to go to. I ran home, did the chores and went to the meeting. Which worked out for them as we ended up doing case reviews. By the time I got home I called and talked to Annmarie and then it was time for a shower and bed. I thought I would check my email just before falling asleep and had a reply from a friend who is in China so I wrote her back. I should have just gone to bed. If Annmarie were home I would have. Oh well, I will sleep good tonight.

We cleaned up the tile, vacuumed, cleaned out the grout gaps with a cool diamond cleaner we picked up and then cleaned some more. Mr Experience had told me about the pastry approach to grout application. I had ordered two bags from Amazon but on Wednesday at Home Depot I bought another for $5. He inquired and I said never trust the shipping time, when you want and need it you get burned. Luckily, we had one as our other ones had not arrived yet. It is literally a literally just a pastry bag for grout. It totally saves on cleanup. It is a learned technique as you cannot clean it up until it has hardened but if you wait too long then its hard to work. It is much faster and much neater and uses way less grout. I purchased the recommended amount and I bet we will only use 50% of it. Ugh. It was a custom order. I will know now and we may just pick a tile color for the upstairs that allows us to use the same grout color and call it continuity!

The entire entry way is done. The dogs are tired of getting moved around. This work has totally disturbed their schedule and sleep location. The big dogs have slept in the laundry room twice this week to keep them off the tiles. All dogs were kenneled during the day once and Gizmo had to spend several hours outside yesterday and came in shivering, he thought he had turned into a popsicle.

I wanted to fix the front yard fence yesterday but I got distracted. This is my single biggest weakness. I have so many things I want to do that I occasionally get distracted. Annmarie might say more than occasionally but we know that is a biased opinion. I think all wives would think that. So I got “side tracked” into finishing her cutting board revamp. I had a custom cutting board made for the kitchen to go into the premise slot. I measured it, sent pictures of it to a friend who does custom woodworking. He was swamped so he farmed me out to another guy. This guy did a great job except I wanted the pull part to turn down so that Annmarie had a stop to prevent the board from moving on the countertop when she pulls it out to make bread. Now if I would get our new custom island built I want to put a whole intact slab of granite on it so she can do her cooking counter work on it. Anyways, I needed to add a lip. Since I had measured the opening incorrectly (yes, I know I only had one job to measure it!) I had two 1/2 inch pieces from each edge. I sanded down one side glued and then drilled out five holes and glued in oak pegs. I will just need to cut them flush today, sand down and oil them and it will be done. It works perfectly with only a 1/4 inch lip, I tried it out.

I am unsure if we can get it all done today. Mr Experience says yes, we will see. No side jobs today, I am going to stay focused. I really want to be able to set the house back up by 1600 on Saturday when Annmarie comes back from her trip but it is going to be a close thing. We might not make it.

When I was out feeding in the barn yesterday morning I spotted a tuft of fur on the ground. I thought it was someone’s ear! The sheep catch their head on stuff all the time and rip out their ear tags. I bent over to pick it up and it was not an ear, it was a scrotum! The rubber bands were both still in place and intact but some little boy was now a whether instead of a ram, a job well done. I did stop and watch the lambs jump and play. I even snagged one and got some lamby time. They are super curious at this stage and are easy to grab.

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