Day 9, grouting is gonna take a few days

Well we are well underway and it will not all be done by tomorrow. We needed to take it slow and steady to make sure it is done right. I figure two more days to complete the entire living room/dining room area. The picture below has the first three boards all the way across the wall grouted and complete. We will move the couch and dining room table out of the kitchen tomorrow. This will make cooking and moving around in the kitchen much easier. After finding the 50 dog toys trapped under the couch and loveseat we are making a 2×4 frame to sit under the furniture that stops the toys from rolling or being pushed under the couch. I am using waterproof deck stain on the boards and will cut them to form a square under the furniture so you won’t really see them. I stained them today so we could make them tomorrow. We are also installing 1/4 inch plywood onto the bottom of our couch and loveseat to cover the torn cloth and again prevent any further damage to the furnishings. The couch is made out of OSB and stapled together! We have to reattach a support leg in the middle of the couch also. It is cheaply made but not cheap to purchase, go figure.

I was able to get the lip completed on Annmarie’s cutting board so she will now be able to use it as a bread board also. It works great with just a 1/4 inch board on the underside to prevent the board from slipping when placed on the edge of the countertop. I glued it and placed the five 1/4 inch walnut pegs yesterday. Today I cut them flush, sanded it down and wiped the whole board down again with olive oil. I really need to get my wood shop up and going.

Zeke got out of the yard again and ran down to mother-in-law’s house to dig through her trash. I went down to get him after she stopped by and he snuck up to the house through the dry creek bed. She had the trash picked up by the time I got there to do it. He stayed on the run all day. I really need to get the front fence fixed but I want the floor done first! We are taking Sunday off and I will probably go out and fix the fence and drag the driveway with the tractor if it is above freezing. Our driveway is starting to fill up with lots of water filled potholes.

There is snow up in the mountains but none down at our house. I thought I saw snowflakes hitting the windshield last night but it never did anything or showed up on the ground.

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