Painting again

Saturday was paint day again. I am now frantically trying to get the downstairs repainted so that we can install all the downstairs trim when it arrives. This sounds like a good plan but every evening after work I am usually too tired to work for a few more hours.

Our new wooden louvers for the air return vent came on Friday so I had to install it. This took priority over painting as I had been waiting for weeks to see if it would really make a difference. Of course it was slightly larger than our metal white one so I had to cut out the wooden cover and trim the metal opening. I managed to get everything lined up and fitted without too much trouble. It looks great! I need to install the oak trim on the edges of the plywood before I attach this to the wall. I need to be able to use a clamp to hold it in place. Once the trim is on I can screw it in place to permanently attach it to the wall. I am going to stain it the same color as the stairs. I painted the kitchen and one wall in the living room but it was still wet and then it got dark outside. We decided that it needed to be light so we could decide if a second coat was essential. I did not want to take down the blue tape too early. It takes longer to put up the tape than it does to paint the walls.

Today it was decided that yes indeed I do need to do a second coat of paint. I grumbled but Annmarie said it was a small price to pay for only having to paint once every ten years.

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