It’s still winter

It snowed again!! Mother Nature has decided that winter is not quite over yet. This week has seen the snow and mud come back. The only real problem with this is we are running low on high quality hay. We have 7 tons of grass hay that is on the lower side, it has been sitting outside all winter in the weather. I had to give the sheep two bales, the upper prime pasture cows two bales, the alpaca got the bale I accidentally broke open with the tractor and the other cows only got one bale as they still had lots. I was barely able to move the bales due to the mud and snow. I don’t mind the snow when it freezes the ground solid but that did not happen this time.

We were thinking about lowering the fences over the back creek but we have not had a spring yet and that creek is straight winter runoff. It is pretty mild right now and there doesn’t appear to be a lot of snow in the mountains that is going to last very long. We have surface water every where so we are currently not short on ground water. The wheat looks very nice.

The animals all know to complain to “Mom” when they think they are starving. Annmarie “Mom” called me this week to say the sheep were desperate and needed food. I have been pushing big bales out to the old lamb shed for them and they can snack all day long. She fed them some alfalfa from the barn. The problem with this is we don’t have much alfalfa left stored in the barn. We do still have a stash of 100# bales in the machine shop. So I have been feeding around 150# of that a night. After two nights the animals are leaving food behind. I don’t think they were starving. Every animal we have knows this and they all bug her for food and she in turn bugs me until I feed them. Sometimes the animals have a valid complaint and need food, but most of the time that is not the case, they are just looking for a handout.

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