Another baby

Thursday we were lamb bombed again! Annmarie went outside to go to work and heard the tell tale mewling of a newborn lamb. We had moved the sheep over to the orchard to eat down the grass. We have been rotating them to eat down various fields. We are currently rotating them between the ram pasture, the orchard, the back hillside and the barn lot. As soon as the orchard is eaten down we will be moving them back to the barn lot. It is already six inches tall!

There was a brand new baby lamb over by the yard fence all alone. All the sheep were at the other end of orchard. The lamb was covered in mucus as it looks like someone just squeezed and dropped. Annmarie had to be in to work for a meeting so she wrapped the lamb in a towel and put it in a small cardboard box in front of the propane stove. It needed to get warm. I was finishing my shower and then I would be on lamb duty. I made up a bottle and sent a text to our bummer adopter. She was willing to meet me in Pendleton so I just loaded the lamb up in the cardboard box and transported it into our rendezvous point in my car. I never even checked to see what gender it was, not that it mattered but it was still pretty slimy despite me using an entire dry towel on it and a second one.

My mother had some lilac bushes torn out of one of her rentals and I am going to try and transplant them. I am not sure if they will take but dropping them into the creek has snapped a few of them back to life. This makes me very hopeful that they will survive. The hard part now is finding a spot where the animals won’t eat the plants while they are trying to grow!

We are looking at starting our own hydroponics inside the house. This lettuce scare with everyone catching Ecoli is making us leary of bagged salad. We are getting serious about the greenhouse but unfortunately that is going to have to wait until next year. The bull pen is eating up this years greenhouse money.

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