Kinda working

I did do some work yesterday and a lot of online shopping. I love Craigslist and am starting to like Facebook Classifieds also. I am always on the lookout for fencing material as I am constantly running out of it. We just found a ram on the Facebook classifieds and I found this cool chest yesterday. The best part was it was in Pilot Rock. I put in an offer on some fence gates early in the morning but was unwilling to pay what they wanted. I stockpile extra gates as I always need them so I can wait for the right price. I managed to get this wonderful trunk in the early afternoon and went to pick it up. I am always amazed by small towns. the lady selling it knew Annmarie’s grandparents on both sides and her daughter used to maintain Jim and Ruby’s lawn and garden while they did their summer Oklahoma pilgrimage. She offered me some flower planting’s from Iris’s old flower garden that she took over 30 years ago! So I will make arrangements to get some transplants this summer.

I take some of my best pictures accidentally! I was fumbling with my phone camera trying to get shots of the trunk to send to Annmarie, as she is in Washington, DC for MathCounts. I snapped this beauty below and decided that it was a keeper!!

I also managed to glue and nail on the trim for the air return register. All those pegs are covering up a screw hole. I countersunk the screws so I could put a dowel in the hole and cover them up. I just filled the top of the screw with glue and pounded in the dowels. This caused glue to ooze out around the dowel. I glued all the oak trim pieces and then used air gun to nail them in place. Since it was just trim I did not clamp them on after I did the glue and nails. I figured that the glue and nails was sufficient to hold the trim in place. I wanted to give this 24 hours to dry before messing with it. I would like to get it done and stained before Annmarie comes home. It will stink when I stain it and with this weather I need to do it inside the house.

I managed to snag 7 panels 8.5 feet by 3 feet for the barn. We need another portable wall inside to allow us to give the mothers more room to be with their newborn babies. I really need to add 10 feet to the front of the barn and hook it over the L shaped area that is unused on the other side of the tack room. I have not done this yet and will not have time this year. Next year I want to do the greenhouse so the addition is a couple of years away.

The lady from the morning messaged me and said they would take the price I was offering. I offered to get them today. Nope, they wanted them gone on Saturday. This I do not understand as all things take time to sell. But I offered to meet them in Pendleton, then her husband blew out a tire by Echo, I ended up driving to hermiston, getting gas and having to drive back to the broken pickup. I was able to make the transaction in the dark, on a side road off the highway. Not the most ideal circumstances I agree. I texted a buddy to call me back and my location before getting out of the vehicle and I had the killer attack dog Gizmo with me. He stayed in the pickup keeping warm. I follow the same rules for craigslist, always carry cash and always go armed. Smart meeting places cover most of the problems but weird stuff happens. I have met some very nice people buying on the internet, very few bad experiences. It gives me faith in mankind.

One of the gates will be used inside the barn. I think I can build what I need for about $400 versus the $1500 in panels I was going to have to buy. It won’t look as pretty but it will be very functional and the sheep are pretty easy to please.

Today I got the air return all sanded and ready to stain. I have a hard time getting the dust off of a project and ended up taking a very damp rag and wiping everything down to get the last little bit of dust. This looks great and I totally want to get it stained. I just need to wait a few hours to make sure there is no leftover water on the project. I suspect if I was shooting for a satin smooth finish I could not use a damp cloth as it would cause the wood fibers to lift.

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