Just a little trim…

I was trying to get everything ready for my help that was coming on Thursday afternoon early in the week. I had done the trim on the air return and figured I better stain it ASAP. Unfortunately, I waited until the last minute and had to stain it Tuesday morning before work. Since Annmarie is gone there are fewer rules so as I am staining the return in my underwear, it was morning. I had made a slight spill around the top of the stain gallon can and went to hammer the lid on, oh my, the stain splattered everywhere! I got it all off of the floor and missed some on the wall which is going to cause some touch up to happen. This splash was noticed after the stain had already dried. My second attempt to close the lid on the stain involved dropping a cloth over it to catch the splashes and still pounding the lid on. It had more mess to offer but i refused to accept it.

I finished it but had to leave it in the house due to the weather. It was supposed to rain. I left the front and back doors open in the hope that a breeze would remove the smell. My cross breeze idea seemed to work wonders as the smell was almost gone by the time I got home. Annmarie did not care as she was sleeping off her Washington DC flight and time change.

The air return turned out very nice! Most people will hardly notice it now. I do believe this or its just a justification for putting in many long hours creating a custom piece to hide an ugly air return in our main living space.

Thursday, Mr Experience came out to help me with the trim. He brought a helper that is going to help him this summer with roofing two houses. I will now and forever call him Muscles. Since I was late getting home, Mr Experience had Muscles mow the lawn! Best thing that could of happened this month. They even had to reassemble the gas line and get it going. I let it air dry out after the diesel fiasco. He finished the lawn then started weed eating, this is so nice! Eventually, he let me know that he had a mind and liked to tinker with stuff.

Mr Experience and I worked on floor trim on Thursday. We decided on a 45 degree angle on the quarter round as I did not want to catch my pinky toe on the edge of the trim. Annmarie thinks its for cosmetic reasons.

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