Ram is here

So yesterday was our day to pick up the ram. I spent a couple of hours on Friday cleaning out the back of the pickup and sliding the new stock racks in.

It has been a long week and this really occurred one week ago on Saturday. Annmarie and I have been getting ready for her to go to Berkeley for two weeks and I have been working long hours, the blog has suffered.

We drove to Canby Oregon to pick up our pure bred Katahdin ram. I hate Portland traffic, there was slow down to 15 MPH traffic on the freeway on a Saturday! I cannot imagine what it would be like on a weekday with everyone trying to get to work. I managed to rig a couple of cattle panels over the top of the racks. The tiedowns look a little hickish but they worked great and allow me to just slide the racks off and onto the ground. It is doable by myself as I just tip the rack up on its gate end and drive under it then just lift and slide it into the pickup. Eventually I may need to make a shelf that I can just slide it off onto without having to lift it up and down. I have a few years to figure that out. I also need to get it over to get sandblasted and powder coated but in all honesty that is just a money thing. I am working on saving for hay and some summer labor to dig out the barn and chicken coop. The tie downs also stopped all the rattling from the panels. The ride was very quiet. As an added benefit all the Portland traffic avoided me like the plague. I was driving a big truck, lots of dents in said truck, peeling paint and big rusted stock racks with tie downs holding everything together. I had no trouble passing.

We found the place and managed to go down this little lane to find the barn. I had to back out and back down the lane as there was not enough room to turn around by the barn. They had the ram all ready to go and the husband and I caught him. He was fairly tame as I was able to walk up and get within two feet before he tried to run away. He is BIG! I would estimate around 150#. I thought he was only going to be 8 months old but after Annmarie looked at the paperwork he is 18 months old. This is a perfect age for us, he is mature at his full size and fairly calm. He tolerated the trip well.

When we got home that late evening he saw all the weathers out in the orchard and started to holler at them. We were wondering how we were going to get him out of the pickup as we had a step stool to get him in. As soon as I opened the stock rack gate he leaped right out and ran over to his peeps. It took him about two days to integrate into the herd. He was walking around the outside of the group until they finally accepted him.

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