House trim done enough.

It is as done as it can be. We are short on trim and will need to order more. All the trim we had brought out to the house is installed, Mr. Experience and Muscles got it all in. We are short two door frames and the spare room floor, master bedroom floor and small chunk of hallway.

The rest will have to wait till early winter. I need to get the floor done in the spare room first. Otherwise, I will need to order the trim in two more deliveries.

The whethers got out Thursday morning and it took me about 35 minutes to get them back into the orchard. After work I had to go out and fix the fence. The sheep had pushed down onto the top of the woven wire and created a gap that they all jumped through. I ended up taking a strand of smooth wire and wove it through the top of the woven wire so I could stretch the top of the woven wire.

This worked well and tightened the fence so that hopefully the sheep won’t be able to push down on the woven wire again. Annmarie and I have decided that we need to put a little more fencing in the orchard. We would like to put in some lavender plants alongside the house. We want around a couple hundred plants. We don’t want the sheep to eat the plants.

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