Holes and more holes

Its fathers day today so i did what any father would do and worked all day on the farm. I wanted to see if I could get all the holes for the bull enclosure done today. It was a solid attempt but it did not happen. I have about 20 holes completed and another 10 about 2/3 done and only about three just started. I have one corner that I just cannot get to drill. I very well may have to form a rock crib between the three posts near the corner. I already think I will have to do this on two other corners also. This means I am up to five rock cribs already. That is a lot of rock to have to carry in the tractor. I hate carrrying rock, it is inherently heavy! I realize that this may seem obvious, but until you have done it for five plus hours it is not obvious. I dug holes until Sarah called me into the house for my Father’s Day presents. I ate lunch while we planned out the rest of the week. She is going to come out and help me put posts into the ground starting tomorrow. I have been looking around at what to use for posts. I only have about 15 railroad ties on the farm, but I have a whole pile of old heavy duty cedar posts left over from the farm. I am going to use those not on the corners and high stress points on the fence. I think I will be able to get all the posts into the ground without having to buy any new ones. I have all the 2×6 boards and just need to get some cow panels and woven fencing. I even think I have about 12-15 cow panels over in the pile so I may have enough of those to cover the metal panels. It is all starting to come together. Getting those posts in the ground and set is the single biggest hurdle I need to overcome. After that things will start to just fall into place.

The stupid sheep got out today. Remember I let them out onto the back hillside yesterday? Well I did not go up and drop the fence panels over the back creek as there is no more running water. They climbed out through the creek. I took the border collies out and Mouse wanted to chase the sheep and Zeke ran off to the right after I told him to circle around and had to pee on three bushes. I almost lost my voice again before I had the sheep back in. I might complain about them but I had the sheep back in the correct field in under ten minutes with me having to holler at both dogs. Mouse just wants to work, Zeke wants to screw off and chase rodents. I want to leave the sheep on the back hillside until they have it eaten down. I will need to check for water in the upper prime pasture tomorrow. We have a few cows locked in there and eventually that water supply will disappear.

I tried to get my disc set put and going and the second set broke off. I need to get a new plate welded onto it. I had to break two bolts to get it apart and managed to get one set up to the field. I threw on a few hundred pounds of weight to get it to dig into the ground. I am hoping Mr Consumer can drag it around the field tomorrow. This is a stupid problem and one that my welding class is going to fix this fall, but that does not help me currently.

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