Drilling for oil

I wasn’t done mowing but I had the highlights done and that bull enclosure is not building itself. Saturday Mr Consumer came out to help me. I had not gotten the tractor from out of the field yet so I had him mow the yard while I went to get the tractor. This worked out well as he managed to mow the entire lawn while I got the tractor and got it refueled. We hooked on the auger. I keep tying to teach him how to hook the pto drive on and off but he is not getting it. He hasn’t managed to successfully get it on or off yet. I started to drill holes and had him go get the post hole digger and a shovel. He came back with two T post drivers and a shovel… I gave more descriptive instructions as to what a post hole digger looked like. He came back with one the second time. I had him dig out the holes and then fill them with water from the front creek. The ground is too hard and I could not dig the holes down to as far as needed. I was hoping that after the water soaked in I would be able to get down the three feet. If not then I will have to build more rock cribs and I really don’t want to do that.

At 1130 Mr Consumer tells me he has to go. He actually had to tap my leg as I had closed my eyes and was resting while digging a hole. The tractor movement is like an adult bouncy chair. It will lull you right into a calm sleepy state. It was taking 20 minutes to get one hole into the ground. I continued to drill holes. I marked out the entire area with paint and attempted to get every hole started. I had about 10 holes left to start when I was done. I filled all the incomplete holes, all but the five I actually managed to finish, with water. My hope was on Sunday I could finish.

Gizmo has a hole in the yard. I am unsure where it is currently as I have plugged three already this weekend. He keeps coming out into the barn lot and hanging out with me. He wanders around then just lays down and watches me. At this rate I may be able to teach him how to herd sheep. The barn lot is pretty much dead and no grass left. The horses are not happy. I had to let the sheep out onto the back hillside but the horses are stuck to the barn lot. I am feeding them hay again.

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