Clod Busting!

I spent most of the day on the tractor today. The rain caused me to delay planting but it also softened the dirt. My hope was it would soak the big dirt clods and then I could work the soil one last time to break them up and smooth out the field. I got a four acre field done today and it looks fantastic. Tomorrow I am going to seed it, our fancy chest seeder that holds 20# of seed came this week so I am going to throw the seed out by walking around the field. Once I have all the seed on the ground I will take the tractor and roll over the seed with the arena roller. Once that is done it can rain all it wants. I want to get into the next field and do another 7 acres after that. My plan is to get that done this week.

Annmarie moved our office furniture around today. We had talked about it several times but I guess she got tired of the talking and went ahead and just did it while I was out on the tractor. The good part of this is there is now a spot on top of the desk where I can put this large glass jar and fill it up with Marbles!! The downstairs glass jar is full of marbles so its time to start another one. I am not sure that Annmarie is going to agree with me but I will just get a wrist sling shot and call the marbles apocalypse ammo and keep buying them. I am not sure she will buy into my scheme but I can try and sell it anyways.

I was heading down to a delightful dinner of TatorTot Casserole filled with green beans, carrots and cheese when I noticed this picture on the stairs. I liked it so I took it,

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