Winter is almost here, maybe?

It is time for the final mow of the yard. The running cable that keeps the mower running after you start it with the safety handle is broken. I have the part, but no time so I went to Plan S for mowing the lawn- Sheep. I have been letting the sheep in for a few hours every day to work the lawn down. This gets it mowed down no matter how tall it is and as an added bonus the yard gets fertilized at the same time. Our ram is pictured below, he is doing very well. Annmarie says she was able to feed him an apple with no problems. He has shown absolutely no aggression and everyone is pregnant so he is doing his job. The only animals that despise this mowing system are the dogs. They have to stay inside while the sheep are in the yard. This causes much angst amongst them and Gizmo likes to think he is a herding dog and runs off the front porch to chase the sheep. They run from him which makes it that much better for him.

I had a dumpster delivered on Friday so that I can get rid of some old glass windows. I can break them over the dumpster and salvage the aluminum frames for scrap metal. I will be doing a little more cleanup around the place also. My goal is to fill the entire dumpster up to maximize the expense.

I spent Friday fixing the roof at our rental. It is all done, I did find another leak in the underground sprinkler system while we were cleaning up tools that will need to be repaired.

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