Joining the Collective

It was weather day today. We bought a weather station for the farm. We wanted one that would track and trend our weather and after further research we decided that connecting to the Weather Underground so that our data flowed into a national database was beneficial for all parties. The best part of the one we got is that it connects directly to the internet via our modem. It doesn’t have to go through our computer. This would not have been possible without our investment in fiber optic cable directly to the house and a business account.

Annmarie and I had already discussed where we were going to mount the weather station, the wood shed. We had not quite decided on where we were going to attach it. After further reading this morning I discovered we could mount it on 3/4″ pipe. It also said we should use lithium batteries for optimal performance and for any temperatures below -5F. So I ran to town for 10′ of pipe and some eyelets and some J bolts. I had to call Annmarie out to the shed as I wanted to mount it in the middle, then I wanted to mount it on the near end, Annmarie wanted it mounted on the far end. I mounted it on the far end. I had to drill a hole in the roof, insert the pipe from the roof side and then J bolt it in place after leveling it. I then had to put up two support boards inside to keep the main bolted support in place. The final step was to put the weather station on top of the pipe. Unfortunately, the pipe is now seven feet above the roofline and I had to move my ladder to a slanted hillside. I thought I had it supported when I climbed up to the top of the ladder but I felt it shift. I needed to find due South for the solar cells to maximize their output but I could not find the compass app on my phone! My legs were shaking the wind was picking up and making the ladder move and I kept envisioning me falling from 20 feet up in the air and counting as a trauma activation patient at work. I finally had to use the search function in desperation to find the compass. I got it in place and secured and got down as fast as I could. Annmarie got it all set up inside the house and even managed to put it on our WordPress blog site. It should be live in the next 24 hours.

It was my turn to go out and work the sheep. We had talked about moving panels around to create a bigger baby area as we are expecting 80 babies. So I moved panels around and found two old wooden gates up in the loft of the barn to bungee into a temporary wall. It is fairly obvious that I will need to weld three custom length panels to make it so that we can easily do this in the future. We will be able to store the panels on the walls so they will be available whenever we need them. I will do it out of 3×3 mesh to keep the panels as light as possible. Or I could just buy the twirly spiral hinges Annmarie wants and cut four foot sections of paneling and put them together in any order we want. That sounds like a more reasonable plan and actually doable.

We did not have any more babies today and the lone ewe still only has one baby. I just think our sheep are super fat this year. We have started to cut back a little on their feed. Hopefully, tomorrow we will have another spurt in babies.

2 thoughts on “Joining the Collective

  1. Dave Keeler December 30, 2018 / 4:14 am

    How about a picture of the “twisty hinges”. Cannot visualize them.


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