Sloth speed engaged

Well a new bathroom upstairs would be very nice and there is progress being made on said bathroom but it is not happening very fast.  Last week we got the kick board tiles installed and now need to install the backsplash.  I will try and squeeze in some time this week to run the grout cleaner between the installed tiles and vacuum the entire area so its ready for grout.  I figured I really need to install the backsplash first but I am sure that will take me about three hours to get right.  The problem with tiling is not that it’s hard it is just very tedious when done right.  You have to constantly check yourself to ensure that you are still level or on the line.  The tiles want to start to move when you get a bunch in a row and you have to leave space on the outside for movement.  Negating your choice to just jam them in place until they are stuck.  We are happy with the results so far.

I drove over to the Tricities ten days ago to pick out a granite top for our vanity.  We are going to reuse the old wash basin that was stashed in one of the rooms of this house.  It’s made out of solid wood.  The real problem is it has a scalloped shaped top and I knew it would be hard to cut a top to match.  We took the vanity and our hand hammered sink with us so we could match them from the scrap pile.  I had also used a piece of clear plastic to mock up the granite top and took that also.  It only took about 15 minutes to find a piece that went well with the sink.  Since we live so far away they agreed to mock it up and just send me an email to authorize the CNC template.  A computer cuts the granite to any shape!







The granite place sent us a completed picture after they finished.  It is amazing!  I love how it turned out.  I had them not set the sink or glue the top down to make it easier for me to bring home.  I will get it all put together when I get it home.  I need to cut out the right half of the top drawer to make room for the drain and faucet.  I am very happy with the amazing work they put into this solid vanity.  We are not going to refinish or do anything to the wooden cabinet.  It has some dents and dings and we want to leave those in place.



One thought on “Sloth speed engaged

  1. Anonymous March 15, 2020 / 8:25 pm

    Wow that’s beautiful!


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