Farm 1 Predators 0

Thursday morning as I was putting on my shoes to go to work I heard Annmarie hollering from the upstairs bedroom.  Now I did have my hearing aids in but when I am downstairs and she is upstairs in the master bedroom, technology cannot overcome the should differences.  I managed to hear “coyote” and “ram pasture”.  It’s all I needed, she identified the threat and gave its location.  I ran to the front door sans shoes as they had not made it on my feet yet and grabbed for a gun, I had to move the 22LR to grab the .243.  I ran out into the front yard, I need to spray some thistles out of the front yard, and spotted the coyote low on the back hillside and fired a shot and hit it.  I took aim again and missed and then the gun clicked on empty.  I only had two rounds in it.  So I ran back inside and ran upstairs to the bedroom, threw open the closet window and grabbed the 17HMR, no angle and the tree was in the way so I had to run back downstairs and out into the front lawn, two more shots and I was out again!  I need to work on keeping the rifles loaded.  The coyote was laying up against the fence working on dying.  I went in, loaded up on ammo and walked out and finished off the coyote.  Annmarie said it was right behind the house where I feed the chickens compost.  It would have had one of my chickens in another 15 minutes.  When I went back inside the house I realized that the .243 has an ammo butt stock holder!  I had ten more rounds!!  I am so used to the 17 HMR and 22LR it never even occurred to  me to look.  I guess I will have to use the .243 more often.

Mr Professional came out to work on the sickle bar mower and tear it apart to replace the broken rocker arm.  He found the carcass after following my directions explicitly.  He tried to find it just by looking in the general area but it blended in too well.  It’s now on the boneyard pile.

Friday we put the sickle bar mower back together with the new parts and it doesn’t make any noise!!  It runs fairly quietly, a big change from the broken sound.  I will mow field #1 on Saturday.  It’s the last field we still have to hay.  I may get 2-3 tons, we will know by the end of the week.  606ECD18-0850-4179-A5BB-ED551584EFEA



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