Back at it!

The part came from Italy for the sickle bar mower.  Mr Professional spent most of the day on Thursday tearing it apart and I had to order more tools.  I did not have a spanner wrench.  I also did not have a large metric open end wrench over 18mm.  Since I was already ordering tools I ordered another water fire extinguisher and a new pickup tube for the water extinguisher we have and two metal tank holders.  I will mount one on the tractor and one on the side by side so we have water in case of a fire.

Friday we spent the morning pressing in new bearings and reassembling the sickle bar.  Once on, we readied the tractor for mowing.  I will mow the upper field on Saturday.  I think I can get a couple of ton out of it even after all of the flooding.

Annmarie made a Dutch baby for breakfast!  I like lemon, powdered sugar and real maple syrup on mine.  After breakfast, I grabbed my full coffee cup, full thermos and quart of water and headed out to the tractor.  I started to mow as soon as I got up in the field but I had forgotten how long it takes.  The field is seven acres and the tractor will only mow 1 acre/hr, that is a lot of circles.  I started to fall asleep while going down the rows, I am sure the neighbors thought I was drunk.  My lines were all off.  I started to subdivide the field into smaller pieces so it would feel  like I was making progress.  The hawks were amazing.  I tried to get a picture of them but I am not sure I succeeded.

After seven hours I was wishing I had two more thermos of coffee.  The doe and her twin fawns kept running around the fields.  I drove back by the blackberries to see if they were ready.  Turns out the first batch of berries are ready to pick.  I have a friend who offered to trade huckleberries for blackberries, not a 1:1.


I will turn the hay in a few days and bale it in the morning.  It makes nicer bales when you do it first thing in the morning.  These will go in the barn.  I have 6 ton of small bales to pickup and I have 40 ton of large bales still to pickup.  I need to do that this month.



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