2020 Chicken financial summary

Finally, I am back in the black! I have made a profit on the chickens for the second or third time since we have had chickens. It has not been easy and our chickens have been especially productive in 2020. We only lost 6 chickens this year which is not very many. I usually lose around a dozen to the predators.

We fed on average 186# feed/month at a cost of $51/month. The real winner here is that the chickens converted only 0.56# food into a single egg at the cost of $0.15/egg. We used 2240# of food to feed 32 chickens that dropped to 26 by the end of the year. We collected 3983 eggs for the year at a cost of $1.83/doz approximately 332 dozen eggs. This resulted in a profit of $425 for 2020.

The 2020 supply expenses were $608, income for eggs sold was $1034 for a profit of $425! The chickens really liked 2020. The real reason for this profit was a friend of mine who gave me a bunch of free unsexed chicks and by the end of the year they started really laying a lot of eggs. I had to thin out the roosters but the mongrel chickens are the best egg producers I have ever had, thanks Scott.

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