Chicken Financials 2019, finally

Yes, I do realize that this report is a little late. I had plans to post these last year and then just did not do it. I lost money in 2018 on the chickens and was hopeful that I would at least break even. This was not going to happen, we spent $100 on new chicks and they were purchased late so they were not productive this year. If you subtracted the cost of the chicks then we would only have lost $46.85, for a grand total of $146.85 loss for 2019.

We started the year with 20 hens laying and ended up with only 9 laying eggs at the end of the year for a loss of 11 hens. Our productivity was horrible, 32% for the year. We averaged feeding 137#/month of chicken pellets. For a total of 1810 eggs collected for the year, about 150 dozen. My feed costs were $436.85 for the year. This is always raising and feed is the single driving force for cost of chickens. When you add in total costs the average cost of a dozen eggs is $3.58. I sell them for $4/doz so you would think we would make a profit. Unfortunately, we eat a lot of eggs! I still don’t give us financial credit for eggs sold unless they actually leave the farm and are sold. The difference is our consumption. Again, farm fresh eggs are the BEST!

Our chickens converted 0.91# feed/egg laid. The average cost of an egg is $0.24/egg. My hope is that when the babies grow up and start laying next year there will be a profit made! If I can avoid having to purchase chicks that will also help.

Our total expenses for 2019 were $536, with an egg sale profit of $390, for the loss of $146. That pretty much sums it up, another year in the red, but we ate a lot of incredible eggs.

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