Lone wolfing new office project

Friday I had to go to town for errands so I took the pickup so I could buy a bunch more stuff for the new office. We needed more 2x4s, we had already used 40 so I bought another 30 thinking that would do what was necessary. I also bought 8 pressure treated 4x4x8’ posts so we could build the little cross fence in the yard on the side of the house. I cannot let the sheep in the yard without the cross fence and with all the rain we are getting the front lawn has been impossible to mow. Mr Flow used a weed eater on Friday to ”mow” the lawn. The grass is getting so tall that I am going to have to confine the sheep in for a week if I want to get any control over the growth of the lawn. Mr Professional and Mr Flow worked on Thursday, Mr Professional got the floor supports roughed in on the old bathroom floor and Mr Flow tore out the inside walls of the soon to be freezer room.

When I got back Friday around noon we staged all of the 2x4s in the house and tossed the 4×4 over on the far side of the house where they will be used. Lumber prices are amazing in a bad way. A 4×4 post used to be $10, it is now $28/ea. We went down to the old chicken coop and drug out the needed subfloor and floor sheets that would be needed to complete the old bathroom and new freezer. We staged those on the porch of the old house so that they would be ready to go on Saturday. It started to pour down rain so we called it quits and we actually had company coming for dinner.

I verified Friday night that my help would be coming tomorrow. On Saturday morning, both my helpers bailed for other things. I was going to fly solo all day long, which shot down my plans to pull wire and finish rough wiring the house. Instead, I focused on getting the old bathroom floor in. The floor must be level for Annmarie’s laser cutter and plastic 3D printer. So I bought a four foot level on Friday and used it to shim the framework until I had it level. Once it was level and screwed back down to the floor, I cut and fit insulation until the entire floor was insulated. I went and cut out the 3/4” oak plywood pieces. I fit both pieces down before screwing any of them in place. I drew out 1’x1’ grids on the floor and then predrilled holes though the plywood. I put a long 3” screw through each intersection so they would show a pattern on the floor as the screw heads will be visible.

I still had more time left so I went into the freezer room and finished cutting out all the boards in the corners of the room and decided to start caulking. I bought more caulking and managed to make one tube last through 1/2 of a stud to stud section. I kept after it filling all of the seams from the outside boards. I did not want to paint the walls and the caulk did a great job of stopping the weather and wind out of the main room that I figured I would go with a thread.

I came inside and fed the dogs, as soon as Mouse was done eating he walked over and peed on Gizmo’s food and Gizmo! He did this right in the kitchen in front of Annmarie, he got kicked outside. Since Zeke died they are trying to see who is going to be king. Annmarie got sent pictures of the newborn puppies yesterday when they were born. We have first pick and want to wait until their personalities come out before choosing. Now we have to work on a girl puppy name, so far a lot of choices but not one that really stands out.

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