Office work

The toad made an appearance today. We hear him and his buddies every evening and morning. I think there was too much rain for him and he needed to get to a drier location. I was looking outside to see how the rain was beating the ground under the eves.

It rained 8/100” last night so haying was off the table during the day which is good because it has now rained a total of 60/100” of rain since last night and it is still raining, over half an inch of rain today. There is no way any outside work is getting done this weekend if Mother Nature keeps this up all weekend. Instead Mr Flow came out and we went to the custom wood mill and picked up Juniper tongue and groove and some more blue pine. While we were loading it onto the trailer the dude working there noticed a transmission fluid leak coming from my pickup. Now this should be impossible as I just picked it up from the shop on Wednesday after they fixed a transmission fluid leak. Yep, they did not clamp the hose down onto the new nipple. It was clamped to a metal piece that was just sittting on the radiator cooler. Hard to believe we did not lose all the fluid moving those bails out of the field yesterday. We came straight home and barely made it around the barn lot over to the old house before having to shut off the pickup, too much hydraulic fluid had leaked out. The pickup is now stuck there until we fix the hose.

Instead I worked on getting the new equipment room completed and Mr Flow worked on getting the new freezer room cleaned up then insulate the exterior walls. I think we are going to leave the interior walls hollow. He even started insulating the ceiling. I finished the equipment room, it was pine on the walls and juniper on the ceiling. We will finish the pine and leave the juniper raw. I started putting up blue pine on the interior wall. My goal is to get the interior wall finished tomorrow and get the front door roughed in. Once the front door is roughed in then we can put tongue and groove along that entire wall. I finally got a hold of the window shop and the new windows should be here on Tuesday of next week. This has been a big holdup for us.

We are looking for a second calf. This morning I could only find Star’s calf and it was with her. Annmarie went down later in evening and the cows all rushed down to the lower area amongst the creek, exactly were we did not want them.

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