Office work directed by Mother Nature

Saturday I took the time to eat full breakfast before heading out to the old house office project. I never stop for lunch on the weekends when I am working on the farm. So I try and get my lunch and breakfast calories all at breakfast time, coffee and the occasional water will keep me going the rest of the day. I headed out to the old house to begin work on the wall, Mr. Professional was scheduled to show up in a little bit. He showed up and we proceeded to finish the dividing wall, roughed in the new bigger door opening and then we set the new door! The best part of the day was that we had the new door set, level, shimmed and installed in under one hour! I have never installed a door at any time in an hour. Outside doors usually take a lot longer than that by the time you get done adjusting everything to make the door work properly.

We decided to keep going and installed the door handles. Everything worked except the deadbolt plate will need to be carved out to fit the metal housing that came with the door handles. The weather was off and on rain coming down all day long. We don’t have enough space in the house to bring in the juniper for the ceiling so it is out on the trailer, covered with a tarp. Some of it is getting wet. I figured once we got it all pinned into the ceiling it can dry in place.

I was super stoked about our progress, so much so that I decided to tackle one more project that evening. It was way past our time to clean the instant hot water heater for the house. I had a sump pump that I had to clean the mud out of as I usually use it for water leak hole pumping. I then had to make two more hose fittings to hook up the circulating vinegar up to the water heater. The first version blew vinegar everywhere and I had to redo one of the hose fittings to a new one. I finally got it to work, we have the correct valve setup that allows us to isolate the heater and run vinegar through it. I had to hang out in the laundry room while the vinegar circulated so the hoses stayed in the five gallon bucket. My worst nightmare was trying to mop up four gallons of vinegar off of the floor. So after two hours of cleaning, I unhooked everything and circulated water through the heater flushing all of the vinegar out. The next day when I went to take a shower I noticed a markedly different heat level. The water felt several degrees hotter than it was prior to the cleaning.

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