Supposed to be working on office

I had great plans for the weekend. Due to the weather I figured we would be able to get the office ceiling and wall completed. This was the fabulous plan! On Friday, I had to take the pickup back to the shop to fix the hydraulic leak, it was pouring down rain so no outside work was going to happen anyways. Sarah followed me we went over to a friend’s house to borrow their pickup. I needed more insulation for the office and I was hopeful that the window place would call me back. I managed to get a hold of them in the morning and they were going to check and see if my two windows came in. I bought enough insulation to finish the walls and the ceiling. The window place never called back so I waited for a break in the storm to unload the insulation (the pickup bed had a shell cover) into the new office and then we took the borrowed vehicle back to its owner. Mind you there is plenty to do before the windows stop us.

On Saturday, Annmarie asked me to put the lamb back in the barn lot. We have one lamb that keeps getting out of the barn lot then the little bugger runs along the fence screaming to get back in. I have let it back in four times this week already but I thought it was sneaking out the end of the chute in the corral. Now I have no reason to think this other than the hole is big enough for a lamb to get through. So after chasing it back into the barn lot I really inspect the barn lot fence. It has sheep sized holes everywhere. I tell Mr Professional we have to repair the fence first before we can go finish the office roof and he then informs me it is the horse making the holes! She is lifting her foot and raking it down the woven fence to open up holes big enough to stick her head through to reach the grass on the opposite side. We end up installing new woven wire, tightening the entire fence and adding in wooden stays every four feet.

This took a couple of hours and I was Jonesing to get to the ceiling. I happen to casually mention the weather as we are packing up our tools and I am told that we are under another flood warning! The problem with this we wanted to get the bull away from the cows. We had our second calf and we would like the new bull coming in July to be the father of our new calves next year. If we were going to get the bull we need to do it before the water raises to raging heights. I could not get across the creek, the water was too high in every place I tried. I ended up walking back to the house and using the crooked bridge. Mr Professional suggested we just take a bucket of grain and try and lure the bull back to Alcatraz. We got the cows to a place where I could walk up to the bull. He was pretty hesitant but after a couple of mouthfuls of grain he started to follow me. I stopped fairly frequently and slowly stretched out the food stops. He followed me all the way down to the barn lot. I did have to get wet crossing the creek, even with my muck boots the water was too high to stay dry. I set the bucket down and went to go shut a gate while the bull contemplated crossing the water for grain. It did not take him long to just force his way across the water and eat more grain. He went into Alcatraz with very little prompting. Three hours later it was raining and the back creek was uncrossable. We did manage to get a few boards installed on the office ceiling

I went to look at the yard fence over the front spring on the front hillside, I was walking down to it when my muck boots slipped. I ended up with both feet in the air and landed flat on my back! This led to me wishing that my lungs would work and that life giving item called air would enter my body. While I was wishing for air I realized that I had ended up in the spring and miraculously landed feet first and did not get wet even though I was crouched over my boots struggling to make my chest expand. Within a minute my body remembered how to breath and I cleaned out the fence and straightened it out so Mouse would quit sneaking out of the front yard to go down and terrorize the cats at the mother-in-law’s house.

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