Ceiling done, finally!

Sunday we had to catch one of the alpaca. It had managed to pick up about a four foot piece of old barb wire into its hair. They are just not quite tame enough to walk right up to and grab. So we opened the hay area on the machine shed and they all bum rushed it cause they knew we would chase them out soon. Instead we shut the gate and trapped in eight of them. The more there are the easier they are to catch, this also causes unexpected problems. We spent the whole five minutes hollering at them every time they acted like they were going to spit on each other we kept yelling at them to not spit on us. Luckily, they complied and we did not end up with spit on us. We had to cut the barb wire out of its hair and managed to pull out a dead branch stuck in another’s backside.

The farm diesel was delivered sometime last week. We filled the tractors!! This is so cool. It does take a lot of active hard pumping to get the manual pump primed but it was dang slick. I am super stoked to have it available on demand.

We did finally manage to get to the ceiling. We got the entire ceiling done!! All the knots, holes and cracked warped boards look great once installed, but not very fun to put up over your head. It made my pectoral and back muscles sore every time. I am still hopeful that we will get the windows this next week so they can be installed. There is a huge pile of scrap wood on the porch that needs to go to the burn pile, between the flaws that had to be cut out and my inability to get the angle correct on the first cut I have a very large pile of burnable material. It is supposed to rain again this next weekend so we will not be haying for at least another two weeks. The inability to hay is making me crazy. It looks like the office is going to get more progress and at this rate I may get it done by July.

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