Last week

Back creek running again.

The back creek is running again.  This is a good sign for moisture content in the mountains.  Or a bad sign that all the snow is melting off the mountains early.  As you can see in the picture the wind has been blowing lots!  The weeds are starting to pile up in the fences all over the farm.  I need the wind to die down and a few days of rain or snow before I go out and deal with the weeds.  The worst part is going to be digging the weeds out of the fence before burning them.  I don’t want to replace any more fencing next year.  I had enough of that this year.

Chicken coop

Annmarie told me I wasn’t taking enough artistic photos of the farm lately so I decided every time I have the camera I need to shoot a few artsy fartsy photos.  One can never have enough pictures of the chicken coop. 

Dexter bull.

The cows are still outside the pen running around the machine shop and cars.  They don’t eat cars, they don’t run through every little hole in the fence and they aren’t tearing the place up in general.  We like them.  We had just been feeding them over the fence when we feed the horses and sheep.  So now they run over and wait for food.  The bull will even holler when we don’t get over there soon enough to give them food. Otherwise, the cows are very quiet. 

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