Barn roof fixed and outside projects started.

Y gate filled with dirt.

When I was working on the barn roof this summer I left enough tin hanging over the sides so that I could screw them onto the sides so the wind could not blow the tin off.  Of course, this only works if I had actually screwed down the roofing.  We have had high winds for almost a week now and the tin on the edge of the barn was getting ready to rip off.  Unfortunately, grabbing ahold of tin roofing in 40 mph wind is not very conducive to five fingered endeavors.  Yesterday the wind stopped and I crawled up onto a ladder and actually attached the roof to the wall.  No way it would have lasted another day.  It had torn in one place already and was cracking around the screws on the outer edge.  I really had planned on getting to that…

I had to fill the Y gate enclosure with dirt.  The sheep had started crawling under the gate. 

Baby chicks getting bigger.

 The baby chickens are growing and doing well.  We still don’t know what kind of chicken the white ones are.  I was thinking I would need to thin out the adult chickens so I could tell the new ones apart as they grew up, but I don’t have any other Ameracauna adult chickens.  I still have 17 hens and one rooster.  I think the chicken’s productivity is down but I won’t know until the end of the year when I do the quarterly report. 

I fired up the tractor to help clean up the orchard.  Mr. President came over and worked for 12 hours helping to pick up the dead branches and wind blown trash.  Most of the orchard got cleaned up before he got sick.  I had the tractor out of the shed to drag some larger tree trunks to the burn pile.  I decided to level the hill out in the orchard so I don’t have any trouble mowing in the spring.  There were some large rocks sticking up and creating a mowing hazard.  As a side benefit I had to pick up rocks and Donna needed them for yard decoration so I took them over to her house.   The burn pile is getting big.  I currently have three separate piles going over the place now.  All will have to wait for the weather to turn.

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