2012 Annual summary of the chicken endeavor.

It is final, I have made a profit on the chickens!  After five years I will have made a whopping $47.15 this year.  Now, I am not keeping track over the last five years because that would make me be negative still.  My chicken door is still broke and I held off on getting it fixed because I wanted to be in the black for one year.  So now I will message the maker of my door and tell him it is broken again.  I love automatic doors when they work, but I sure have a lot of problems with them. 

So here is the 2012 annual chicken production summary:  I made a profit of $47.15 for the year.  My annual income was $645,  My annual expenses $525.10.   I purchased 1140# of chicken feed for the year.  My average laying hens for the year were 21.8 hens (currently only have 17 hens).  I collected on average 8.8 eggs/day for a hen productivity of 40% for the year.  The hens consumed 0.39 lbs of feed/egg produced.  It cost me $0.11/egg in feed only(or $1.31/doz).  I charged $3/doz for eggs all year long.  I had to purchase another 27 pullets in November to catch back up from the predator kill.  I lost 10 hens to predators this year.   If I could just keep the automatic chicken door working all year I could virtually stem all the chicken killing by predators.  They almost always come at night. 

So my goal this year will be to keep the automatic chicken door working or buy another one.  This time I will be researching guarantees.  I cannot seem to keep one working for more than about four months. 

It really has not snowed yet this year.

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