Barn work would be nice.

Summer storm rolling in.

Creek crossing for bull.

I wanted to get up on the barn roof last week, but our bull has been back just over a week at that point.  Annmarie told me he had gotten out of the pasture again.  He has been back less than 14 days and he is already escaping.  So instead of working on the barn roof Mr. President and I went in to Grandma’s house and cut the apple tree and lilac bush back from the sidewalk.  She had gotten a notice of noncompliance from the city.  She is now in compliance. 

We then went and worked on fence.  I had walked the fence line and below Donna’s house and found the creek crossing had been bent back by the bull.  Also, it looked like someone had been testing the fence all along the wheat field.  It was loose and bent in multiple locations.  I know the bull never got into the wheat field.  So we spent several hours tightening fence, installing some new T-posts and several wooden stays.  We also rearranged the panels over the creek and clipped them to the T-posts down next to the creek.  The fence looks much better now and the bull has not escaped since.  We went on vacation over the weekend so there was NO farm work done.

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