Barn roof day 5.

Soon to be second cupola.

PGG going out of business sale.

It is happening.  The barn roof is going to get finished.  I crawled up onto the roof today and installed the pressure treated wooden anchor pieces.  Took a bunch of measurements and then Mr. President and I went into the barn and started cutting OSB.  We measured and cut out the four sides.  Then we started to add the 2×4 reinforcements.  I only had to crawl back onto the roof two more times to take measurements I did not know I needed.  Once that was done I considered mounting it on the roof and hollering down measurements for the siding.  The last cupola took 40 hours to install and I don’t want to repeat that.  So we are cutting the siding and fitting it in place.  The entire first layer is on and we are going to do the second layer first thing in the morning.  They are all numbered and layered so I can put it back on once the cupola shell is installed on the roof.  I am hoping to be done tomorrow! 

One of our local feed and farm supply stores is going out of business.  I managed to get two more gates and 100 T-posts, the last five bags of chicken layer crumbles, five bags of wheat and the two barrels of protein supplement for the cows.  The one barrel of protein supplement was the only thing I was sent to purchase.  The gates were selling fast I don’t think any made it past Monday. I have enough fencing supplies for next year except 8 railroad ties.  That is the only thing left.  I may get the barn roof done early and I have to install the cow fence over by the barn to make sorting easier and I want to install a small gate down in the lower pasture so we can let the animals down into the school house pasture next year.  I still have to fix school house pasture but the small gate will make it easier to move the animals.  Just a few more projects in the making. 

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