Second counter cut

Countertop that needs to be cut.

I have finally found some more time to get back at the kitchen.  We are getting tired of eating out of our laps in the living room.  My daughter’s suggestion is to just buy some TV trays.  The problem with this is I don’t like eating in the living room.  I like eating at a table the way families should.  So the TV tray idea is out the door.  I just need to work faster so the kitchen tiling is done quicker.  The new countertops and backsplash are going to necessitate a new paint job in the kitchen.  Painting is the worse job I can think of but it doesn’t look like I am going to get out of it.  But that problem is for another day.  I slaved away and had half the kitchen countertops cut when Annmarie came home and we started discussing my cut job.  I did mention that it was not going well?  After near marital collapse we discussed my cutting job rationally.  I scrapped three pieces and went with a spoke pattern suggested by the lovely wife.  It follows my straight line rule and maximizes the tile size on the edges.  I spent the next day cutting all the pieces and fitting them together.  It was ready for mastic and some permanent bonding. 

Our free standing gas stove in the dining room had a fan go out two weeks ago.  On Friday, it made this explosion and ball of flames.  Annmarie had to go turn off the gas supply valve to get the fire to go out.  She is now spearheading the research for a new stove. 

Cut countertop, still needs to be stuck down.

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