Oven cabinet happening.

Cutting frame to split plywood evenly long wise.

It is really happening!  I know there were some doubters out there wondering if I could build cabinets, myself included, but the wife has says I am not allowed to buy any brownies.  NO BAKED goods are allowed in the home until I get the oven up and going then she says she will cook it for me.  Another incentive to get the oven up and going.  A friend, Robert,  came over yesterday and we started in on the cabinets.  The funny part was it took half the time to just set up for the cabinets.  First, we had to empty the dining room of all tools and left over tiles from the counter/backsplash job.  It took us two hours just to move all the tools out, empty the sideboard and move the sideboard out of its old home.  We had baking pans laying all over the kitchen from the sideboard.  I had the dining room stacked with all the knickknacks from the kitchen. 
Next on the building schedule was a cutting frame.  I needed to be able to tear a 3/4 inch Oak plywood sheet in half lengthwise and have it be perfectly straight.  Luckily, I had purchased a passel of 2×4 to construct a new irrigation pump support.  We drug those into the yard and started constructing our cutting frame.  The full sheet of plywood lays down lengthwise and the bottom board holds it level.  Then we clamp a 2×4 1.5 inches below where the cut should be and I installed a brand new 60 tooth blade in my Skilsaw and run it along the 2×4.  A perfect straight smooth cut was done.  We did clamp the upper portion of the plywood to the frame before I did the horizontal cut so it would not drop down and pinch the blade.  This worked great, we took them to the side and stacked them on my arbor.  I put a tape measure to the first one and started to swear, it was 24.5 inches wide.  I instantly panicked thinking I had shorted the other side and just ruined a $90 board.  Nope, the plywood is 48.5 inches wide.  We trimmed one of the boards every time.  We cut five sheets in half and then got ready to assemble the center, oven holding cabinet.


Dining room, the table is now clear. 

Oven shelves in progress.

I cut some more 1×3 supports for the shelves and installed the first one when I remembered I needed to cut out a toe spot at the bottom of the cabinets. I did a true mirror image for the other side.  This part I remembered without a mistake.  Rob and I then drug one side inside the house and attempted to stand it up.  Nope, I forgot to trim it down to 79 inches it was still 96.5 inches tall.  We went back outside and cut it the right length and then unscrewed the support and reinstalled it on the new and correct side.  It was dinner time, so we fed Robert, leg of lamb with cous cous and fried brussel sprouts.  Some fresh bread from Safeway finished it off.  We had to eat in the living room because the dining room was crowded.  After dinner Sarah and Robert held the sides while I assembled the shelves.  The plan was to make three separate cabinets not attach them to the wall and not put backs on them.  Annmarie pointed out that the cabinet is very wobbly.  After much consideration and discussion it was decided I would make one cabinet and once I got in all the outside walls the cabinet would be pinned between the walls.  They would hold it up.  I will put a solid sheet of plywood across the top and I will but a solid kickboard across the bottom tying it all together.  I was going to put doors across the top that swung up but Annmarie thought they would be too tall for her to put back down.  So, the plan is for me to build the cabinets, face them off, stain them and install the oven.  Once they are all in place I am going to see about purchasing premade doors.  This would save a ton of time and allow me to finish the project in a timely fashion. 

I spent today cleaning up the dining room table and breeze porch.  We can now sit down at the dining room table!  Its amazing!  My plan is to work the sanding of the dining room table in so when I go to stain the cabinets I can stain the table at the same time.  I figure if I am going to stink up the house I might as well get all the stink going at once.  Things are starting to come together.  I want to get the cabinet/oven project done so I can get outside and start building fence and working on the irrigation pump. 

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