More weed eradication.

Back barn lot still kinda tractor accessible.

I am on a spraying marathon.  NO other chores on farm are allowed to interrupt the eradication of noxious weeds. My tractor is only four feet wide and I thought I might be able to get it through the first gate into the back barn lot.  I made it with inches to spare on each side and sprayed the little spit of land.  I used a whole piece of one inch plywood when I made that bridge, it is exactly four feet wide.  I drove the tractor over it with the tires hanging off of each side.  I sprayed the whole barn lot.  There is a hill just across from the stream and it made it very hard to line up on the bridge to make it back across.  I need to put the box blade back on and chew into the hillside to make the lot more tractor friendly.  But that cannot happen until the spraying is completed. 

Second gate into back barn lot.

I got the entire barn lot sprayed and a small amount of the four acre weed plot. 
I did manage to find our wild honeybee hive.  One of them ended up in a hole in our walnut tree in the barn lot.  I still think there is one more wild hive somewhere on the place yet undiscovered.  The weeds are dying.  Another 100 gallons of spray on the ground, total used so far 225 gallons.

Honeybee hive found!

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