Corral started

Old Corral soon to be remodeled.

Old corral torn down.

The corral project started yesterday.  Phil is helping me so I don’t take two months.  We started by tearing down the old one and removing all the posts.  The little four inch round posts were rotted off.  We noticed that the posts were not buried very deep.  Once everything was cleared away I started to drag the area flat with my tractor.  This went well except I drive forward and look behind to watch the box blade so I drag an even depth.  I ran over the gas weedeater!  I crushed the plastic fuel tank.  Now I need to get the weed eater to a repair person.  So much for using the weed eater around the house. 


New Corral spot leveled off. 

Phil and I marked out the post hole spots with ground paint and a tape measure.  I was sure I could just dig all 31 holes and then we could be done and onto installing posts. We hooked up the post hole digger and we started digging holes.  It was awful! The soil was straight clay.  We only managed to dig a few holes to finish off the day.  Not the 31 I was hoping for.  My vision of having the entire corral done in three days is quickly sinking.

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