Corral still not done.

Day two, can you see the progress?

Well, my plans for a quick project completion are officially shot.  We spent all day drilling holes in the dirt.  The ground was so hard it had to be broken up with a breaker bar then drilled out with the tractor.  My neck was so sore this morning from spending yesterday looking over my right shoulder to watch the auger that I had to look over my left shoulder today.  Now both sides of my neck hurt and the ibuprofen is dulling the pain.  We had one hour left after getting the holes drilled to hand dig the holes clean and line them up with our string marking lines.  We managed to get 2/3 of the holes all cleaned out and aligned.  I am hoping we can get the rest in an hour in the morning then get all the railroad tie posts set in gravel tomorrow.  If we can get all the posts set then I can drag the leftover dirt out of the way and we can install the cow panels and 2×6 boards.  It will be done in no time!  I have Phil for tomorrow and Tuesday only.  I need to be done by Tuesday or it will be another week before I can get back to this project. 

On a plus side, we have a bird building a nest just outside the kitchen window.  It started today.  We are still trying to figure out what kind of bird.  It is not one we recognize. 

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