Corral progressing.

Post holes dug and ready for posts to be set.

Well we managed to get the holes emptied and in the correct spot by noon. Some of the holes have to match up for gate operation so we had to move the holes. This was painful. I remembered why I only usually do heavy farm labor in stretches of three days. By the third day my body is screaming at me. I start looking forward to going back to work so I can rest from being at home! 

Phil was dissapointed that we used the tractor to move l the railroad ties into place. Some were so heavy that it took both of us to move them once they hit the ground. Even Phil was getting tired. There is going to be a lot of the posts sticking up. I will be able to stabilize the top with boards across the chute so the cows won’t be able to spread it out. I think it is going to turn out nice. I am even thinking about building some bird houses to go on top of the posts!  
We set 15 of the posts in about two hours.  I am hoping to get the rest of them set tomorrow.  The posts keep gaining an extra fifty pounds every day we work.  They are getting very heavy!   It continues to rain every day again. Our back runoff creek is going to dry up this week. Not bad, it made it till June. 
15 of 32 posts set in the ground.
Another summer storm.

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