Calves sold

We are making progress slowly but surely. We sold the two little 6 month old heifers this week. I love the corrals!  They make sorting the animals very easy. I sorted off both the baby heifers and we sold them the next day. The buyer just backed up to the chute and ten minutes later drove away with two calves in the trailer. This is way beyond awesome. They both did great. 
Our backyard garden is growing more marigolds and trees than anything else. Grandma planted marigolds and they went to seed and she fed the squirrels so they buried all kinds of tree seeds in the planters. 
We are nurturing the trees so they can be planted all over the property this fall. 
Our hay is baled but Mother Nature has decided we needed 3 days of rain. I am hoping to pick up hay by the end of the week.  The rain is delaying the wheat harvest also. 
Mouse is getting neutered on Tuesday. He has decided he owns Annmarie and pees on everything when she is around!!  It’s time for the testicles to go away.  He has no idea it’s coming. I make sure and not mention it in his hearing. 
It’s looking like I need to install 100 yards of fencing up in hay pasture above the upper prime field. Once that is done I can use the temporary electric fence and let the cows go up and clean up the uncut hay and weed area. The ground was swampy and could not be cut. This will help get it cleaned up. 

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