Feeding the hungry herd

 We now go out every evening to feed the animals. A routine is starting to form. The sheep need 3-4 bales of hay put out in various feeders. The problem with this portion of the tasks is the sheep know you are going to feed them. It’s like trying to get to the bar to order a drink when the place is at capacity. Lots of bumping, kicking, grabbing, crowding and mouths in your way. The only way to get any peace is to utilize bouncers, a single bouncer is never enough because someone can always sneak past. It takes to active bouncers to keep the sheep at bay while food is being placed in feeders. Even then the bar patrons will still sneak in the door and decide if they can bum rush the bouncers and make it to the bar. They don’t test that theory with two dogs on duty, but one is easily distracted. 
After the sheep are fed we have to feed the horses. Due to the rainy weather we have go keep Mika in a dry spot, so she has to be taken out of the milking area and led to water then back to the dry area. She gets grain and hay the her hoofs cleaned out. Hogs gets the same thing in her stall with hoof cleanout also. The cows need a few bales of hay a couple of times a week. I can put five bales on the bucket of my little tractor. I use the fogs to keep the cows away from me and the feeders. There are eggs to get after that. It takes me 1-1.5 hours a night to do chores. I usually do the evening chores as Annmarie does the morning chores. We trade off if I do the morning chores. 

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