Almost ready to tile.

I spent all day yesterday on my knees. I have to say that it would not have been possible without my gel filled knee pads. I spent six hours on my knees and have no pain or any issues with my knees. It is amazing. Do I need to thank NASA for the technology? Because it is well deserved whomever is responsible! 

I got the subfloor laid in both closets. This took much longer than I anticipated. The corners and cuts were complicated and I did them all with a razor and no saw. 

Once it was installed I needed to figure out how lay the tile such that it went across the hall in the proper fashion. The hallway is 50 inches wide and the tile is only 6 inches wide so it leaves a 2 inch gap or 1 inch on each side with a 3/8 inch gap on each end. So I opted to leave the 1.5 inches on one side. I don’t want two 3/4 inch wide pieces on each side. Too easy to mess up the cutting or installing. I had to measure it all out by laying the tile on the floor and drawing on the floor with a permanent marker. Once I had the starting line I needed another parallel line 18 inches so I can alternate each tile. 
The next step is to get my tile saw set up on the back porch and a few more tools and I am ready to start laying tile. I have to do it over the course of three days because I have to be able to get out of the room and I have to work from the hallway mark so I don’t get my hallway alignment messed up. It complicates things but it just means short intervals of tiling and I will go all the way to the wall. Usually, I do the center part then let it dry and cut all the edge pieces and install them the next day.  This time I will complete whole sections. 
We are going to go order grout this week. I forgot to buy it. You can see my two parallel lines in the picture below. 


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