Tile headway made

I made a note to myself of all the things I need to do in the two weeks AnnMarie is gone. The fact that I have about six weeks of work on the list is meant to motivate. Sarah came over Monday night and watched the puppy so I could work on finishing getting the tile glued to the floor. I finished!! Now I need to let it cure for two days and get the grout spread out. 
Today, while at work I got a call from Donna about one of the alpaca getting some wire wrapped into its fur. I thought it was just a little piece. When I got home I looked at it and it was a large strand of barn wire wrapped around a brown alpaca’s neck. It was trailing about ten feet of loose wire. I went to the old house and grabbed a pair of wire cutters. I tried to catch the alpaca but it stayed just out of reach. Running it down was not going to work. I opened the gate on the hay end of the machine shop. Despite acres of green grass all of he alpaca ran towards the hay. It makes no sense that they would do this.  The one I wanted plus two others ran inside and I shut the door. I chased the brown alpaca around the hay until I managed to get a rope around its neck and tied it off to a railing. I then cut the wire in two places and managed to pull it out of the hair. It was not deeply embedded in the skin or hair. It was laying on top and had not hurt the alpaca.  As I walked between the three alpaca they started to spit on each other!  I was hit in the crossfire. I hollered at them to stop and managed to get the gate opened so they could spread out and quit spreading their stomach content onto me.  
I have arranged for help to come out on Friday and Saturday. I have some hard manual labor lined up for them.  I want to shear the alpaca on Sunday. It all depends on whether I can get the table built. I picked up the pipe parts and plywood today. 

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