Playing catch up

Friday was catch up day for me. I keep trying to get outside after work during the week but it never seems to get me any where. I really need to work on the bull enclosure but our weeds are getting out of control.

So I spent the day mowing. I mowed the small field down by my mother-in-laws house then went around the property out on the road and up past the school house. We have a gate into the property at the top of the hill. I broke the tightener handle and had a heck of a time getting the gate shut. Sooner than later I am going to need to install a metal gate at that entrance. I have been thinking about gates. I have several small ones and multiple odd sizes laying around. I think I am going to start hanging two gates of various sizes across openings so that I don’t have to go buy new gates. Recycle and reuse is my motto when it comes to fencing.

I still need to put in both those culverts in the lower field. I can barely get across the ditch with the mower on the tractor. It’s a whole lot of boring. Just sitting on the tractor going around and around. I made it till 1630 when the engine light came on signaling it was too hot. I had cleaned off the intake once already. When you get into the dry grass and cheatgrass it clogs up things fast. So I took the engine key and propped up the hood to let things cool off. It was a sign of quitting time!

I found a couple of low spots where the water was coming over the side of the ditch out into the field. I dug out two of those spots to promote these outlets. I really need to take a tarp and some boards down and see if I cannot get the entire ditch to flood out and then just move it a couple of times a week.

The back creek is now dry behind our house. But when you go down by the school house it runs for a few hundred yards above ground before disappearing again.

The baby calf was with his momma and very active. The cows like the tractor as it always brings food so they always come see me when I drive it out into the field.

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